Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Options Plan for 2014

Hey all

The options plan for the KDK Fund will consist of using a portion of funds to speculate on stock and ETF options in order to capitalize on momentum moves. The focus of the options account will be to find options on stocks or ETF's that have the likely hood of a large enough move in either direction during a particular period of time so that it can produce 100%+ returns on the option purchased. After commissions, taxes, and fees are taken out of winning trades, 50% of the rest of the profit will be put into the stock/bond portion of the fund. A losing trades max loss will occur at the 50% level. A rules base is being created to find the options that will be traded.

There are many reasons why a particular option will be purchased. Technical and fundamental research will be used for analysis. News will be a big driver. Time frames on the options will vary. There could be an earnings release with plenty of volatility within the stock or ETF. There could be a government decision made that will affect currency and general stock markets. There could be a management shakeup. There could be a natural disaster. The stock or ETF could be in a very predictable trend. There could be speculation of a merger.

** This blog is just information  regarding a particular fund. It is not to be taken as a recommendation to buy or sell any security. Do your own due diligence.**

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