Tuesday, December 31, 2013

KDK Fund Dec 28 Weekly Report (UUP, Year End)

KDK Fund had a quiet week. The UUP Jan 4th week (ending Jan 24) $21.50 call is still owned. UUP is currently trading around $21.50.  KDK will keep the trade on looking at the following events:

- employment numbers
- Yen actions
- Euro actions
- Fed Reserve actions

With 2013 done, KDK Fund is eagerly awaiting 2014. Lessons were learned in 2013. There were trades that made money but did not have great set ups and there were trades that lost money but had good set ups and exits. The lessons learned during 2013 will no doubt improve the skill and results of 2014.

May everyone have a healthy and successful investing and trading 2014.

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