Friday, December 20, 2013

New Trade in UUP Jan $21.50 Call Option

A new options trade has been made for KDK Fund. The January week 4 UUP $21.50 call option has been purchased for $0.25. UUP is currently trading at $21.67. The goal for the trade is $0.75. The trade will end on Friday, January 24th. Reasons for the purchase are as follows:

- Recent Federal Reserve decision to taper QE

- Increased GDP points to further strength in economy and further tapering of QE

- Increased GDP of previous quarter points to possible upward revisions of current quarter.

- Possible double bottom forming a W formation (there are 3 W formations marked previously in the chart).

- Japan and Europe still in the middle of their own QE programs

- US Government passing actual budget that provides more stability to market and economy

- Cost of trade showed only $0.08 of time value when the trade was made.

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