Saturday, January 11, 2014

KDK Fund Activity for Week Ending 1/11/14 (UUP, more)

UUP Option Trade

UUP ended the week at $21.67. The Jan 24 $21.50 call option bid price is now $0.18. That is a drop of $0.08 from last week. The option trade will continue as there is still a probability that the price of the ETF will rise due to upcoming economic reports being released in the next two weeks.

KDK Stock Fund

The plan is to make a purchase next week. The Fund will be purchasing shares of the Realty ETF Realty Income Corp.. The symbol for this ETF is O. Currently, the price of O is $38.50. Reasons for the trade include a monthly dividend and decent current valuation.

Other stocks on the future purchase list include Starbucks, Verizon, Ford, and Costco. KDK is always looking investment ideas. KDK Fund can be reached at

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