Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fund Adds Ford Shares Today

KDK Fund purchased shares of Ford today. The shares were purchased at a price of $14.90 per share. The reason why Ford shares were purchased other than satisfying the parameters below include:

- A decent outlook on the company and its profits
- A P/E ratio under 10
- A good dividend which will be in the third month of every quarter
- A solid management team

KDK Fund now owns shares of Realty Income Corporation (symbol O), and Ford (symbol F). Dividends will be received in every month of each quarter with the third month of the quarter being the most. All dividends are scheduled to be reinvested. Candidates for future purchases include Starbucks (symbol SBUX) and CVS (symbol CVS).

KDK Fund is looking for companies that find the right balance of the following:
- providing a service or product for a profit that comes from product or service sales (not from tax deductions)
- provide living wages to all of their employees before non founding management become millionaires through company wages
- consistently improve their resource (environmental, etc.) impact policies

KDK Fund can also be followed on Twitter @kdkfund. 

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