Friday, February 7, 2014

KDK Fund Weekly Report 1/31 - 2/7 (Realty Income, Ford, Starbucks, CVS, more)

KDK Fund did not make any new investments this week. It currently has Realty Income Corporation stock and cash. The shares of O closed the week at $40.56. That is a loss of the week of $0.16 for the week. The shares are higher by $1.93 since the shares were purchased.

The fund will be making a purchase next week. It will be buying shares of Ford unless something drastic happens to Ford or other opportunities.

The fund will be receiving dividends ($0.18 per share) from its shares of Realty Income Corp. as it went ex dividend on February 3. The dividends will be reinvested.

KDK Fund is currently looking at Starbucks and CVS as its next purchase targets after the Ford purchase.

KDK Fund is looking for companies that find the right balance of the following:
- providing a service or product for a profit that comes from product or service sales (not from tax deductions)
- provide living wages to all of their employees
- consistently improve their resource (environmental, etc.) impact policies

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