Monday, June 23, 2014

Powershares Build America Bond ETF Shares Purchased

KDK Fund purchased shares of Powershares Build America Bond ETF (symbol BAB) today. Currently, the price of the ETF is about $29.00. The purchase was done for the following reasons:

- The fund needed some bond exposure and more diversification.

- The ETF gives out a monthly dividend; currently at $0.11 per share. The dividend is given out at the end of every month

- The Fund will now have monthly dividend receipts around the 15th and at the end of every month.  The Fund will now receive dividend payments 36 different times during the year. Currently the account is set up to reinvest all the dividends.

The plan for future purchases will probably focus on current holdings unless a glaring opportunity shows itself. The next planned purchase won't be for another 4-6 weeks.

Current holdings include Realty Income, Ford, AT&T, Sysco, and now Build America Bond ETF.

If you have any stocks that you think KDK Fund would be interested in researching, let us know at or twitter @kdkfund.

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