Monday, July 28, 2014

Week ending 7/26 In Review (Realty Income, Ford, AT&T, Sysco, Powershares BAB, Dividends, more)

There were no purchases or sales this week. There were earnings from Ford, AT&T, and Realty Income this week. A dividend from Sysco was received this week. There is a spreadsheet below with some of the fund's holdings information. Based on the information, the fund will continue to hold onto shares. There is a planned purchase of shares next week.

The earnings reports received were generally inline with expectations.

The dividend received from Sysco was the first received. The fund received $0.29 per share. The dividends were reinvested. Almost 1% of the portfolio has been invested at no cost due to dividend reinvestment program.

SecurityLast Friday's Closing PricePurchase Dates (Dividend purchases not included)Cost Basis (Dividend purchases not included)Dividends Received Per Share Since PurchaseCurrent Profit/LossDate SoldEnding Profit/Loss
Realty Income$44.691/14/2014$38.45$1.10519.10%Current Holding
Ford$17.622/11/2014$14.90$0.1319.09%Current Holding
AT&T$35.543/28/2014$35.10$0.462.56%Current Holding
Sysco$36.755/7/2014$36.74$0.290.82%Current Holding
Powershares BAB$29.626/23/2014$29.08$0.001.86%Current Holding

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