Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dividend Day Courtesy of Realty Income

A dividend was received by Realty Income. The funds were reinvested for free. The dividend reflects the dividend increase made last month by Realty Income to $0.1831 per share. The dividend this month was 1.3% higher than last month. Compounding is also being seen in the dividend payment. 2.4% of the month's dividend is because of the dividend reinvestment program in which KDK Fund participates.

The plan is to continue forward with purchasing more shares while looking into selling covered call options in the not too distant future. Having revenue from dividends and proper covered call selling will put an extra kick into the wealth building process.

One large part of KDK Fund's path to wealth is through dividend receipts and dividend reinvestment. It is a nice way to allow your money to grow.

If you have any stocks that you think KDK Fund would be interested in researching, let us know at or twitter @kdkfund.

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