Thursday, October 9, 2014

Throw Back Thursday Quote Courtesy of Gerald Loeb (EF Hutton)

Gerald Loeb, a famous trader, and one of the leaders of the old EF Hutton, dropped the following quote on prospective investors:

"When nothing but cash is held, no decision need be made at all unless conditions are completely satisfactory. Either a suitable opportunity may be present, so that a purchase can sensibly be made, or the pros and cons may be so balanced that nothing is done. 

The worst that can happen if the latter decision is reached is that an opportunity will be missed through caution, which is an inconsequential misadventure. Other opportunities always come in due time, and if one's attitude towards speculation and investment is shaped along those lines described...nothing will be lost in either eventual profits or peace of mind. "

KDK Fund feels very similar in regards to the last sentence of the quote and makes it a point to follow when making trades or investments. Opportunities do come in due time. The investment landscape is full of opportunity. When that is the attitude, there is no need to cut corners in order to make a trade or investment. Always do your full analysis and due diligence. An investment or trade will regularly find you.

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