Thursday, October 2, 2014

Throw Back Thursday Quote via Charles Merrill

This week's Throw Back Thursday writing comes from Charles Merrill. It is a snipet from a letter he wrote to his staff in 1940. It gives a sense of leadership that, even though should be, is not always followed today. Maybe a reminder will give those in leadership positions within the financial industry is what is needed. Here is the snipet:

" We've got a job to do-we in the security business-a job of reestablishing faith in the security market as a place for sound investment. This job ought to be done by everybody in the security business, and we think in time will be. But we are not going to wait for someone else to start it. We are no smarter or better than our competitors, and we have no thought whatsoever of driving anyone out of business. But we do recognize certain fundamental facts that have to be coped with by our business in its relations with the public, and we are going to make a beginning."

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