Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 10/31 In Review

There were no new purchases or sales this week. There was a dividend received from Powershares BAB that was reinvested (link here). The next scheduled purchase will happen in the next 4-6 weeks. Some metrics of the current holdings are below.

SecurityCurrent PricePurchase Dates (not including dividend reinvestment purchases)Cost Basis (includes dividend purchasesDividends Received Per Share Since PurchaseCurrent Profit/LossDate Sold
Realty Income$46.031/14/2014, 7/29/2014$41.68$1.110010.44%Current Holding
Ford$14.092/11/2014$14.91$0.2500-5.50%Current Holding
AT&T$34.843/28/2014, 9/12/2014$34.95$0.4625-0.31%Current Holding
Sysco$38.545/7/2014$36.73$0.58004.93%Current Holding
Powershares BAB$29.746/23/2014$29.06$0.34502.34%Current Holding
Nuveen Comm$14.7410/22/2014$14.90$0.0000-1.07%Current Holding


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