Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Fund Making Second Distribution of Year

The fund is set to make its second distribution of the year. The first distribution was on March 19th! This distribution took only about six weeks to occur. In comparison, there were only two distributions last year in total. The expectation is to have either distributions occur every month or increase the amount of each distribution. The next expected distribution will be in July.

The fund is currently receiving dividends from Realty Income, Ford, AT&T, GE, Sysco, Powershares Build America Bond Fund, Nuveen Long/Short Commodity Fund, and Pennymac Mortgage REIT.

In addition to making distributions to our investors, the fund consistently gives a percentage of its revenue to charity. One difference in our giving is that we don't write down our charitable giving. We don't feel that we should be rewarded financially in any way when giving to charity. Besides, taking money away from service members and veterans because we gave to charity doesn't seem like something an organization with former service members that benefited from the GI Bill and other VA benefits should do.

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