Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Terrible Year For Investors????

By: Michael Keane

There was a recent article published on Yahoo! Finance and Bloomberg that had the headline "2015 Is turning out to be a terrible year for investors" (link here). This caught the fund's attention for a couple of reasons. We disagree with the assertion that it has been a terrible year for investors. The fund also feels that this kind of headline mismanagement should be checked when needed.

While the fund agrees that 2015 continues to be a tough year for those investors looking to sell shares, those investors looking to actually invest are not really complaining about the downturn. The fund was able to pick up shares of MFA, Ford, and AT&T in the past six months at wonderful valuations. Without the downturn, this could not have happened.

The importance of a headline cannot be understated. KDK Fund is always looking to maximize the message to its readers when thinking about the proper headline. While reading a headline like the article has might gain short term reading, it actually does long term damage to the brand of news outlet delivering it. Seasoned investors know to avoid articles with these types of headlines because they know the content of the article will probably be just as worthless. While KDK Fund is aware that sometimes the writer (in this case Wes Goodman) does not have any control of the headline printed for the story, he or she should make it clear to the editors that the headline should match their quality of writing. Seeing Bloomberg at the headline game is kind of weak and more the norm of its main competitor. 

Well rounded investors know that there is ample opportunity in all markets. Seeing this type of headline screams for new investors and those consumed with knee jerk reaction emotions towards the market. Not only is the headline wrong in regards to the message, it shows a priority on gaining readers eyes instead of educating its readers brains. 

Happy Investing!

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