Thursday, December 31, 2015

Plan for KDK Fund in 2016

First of all, let's make sure and give thanks for 2015. Lessons were learned, gains were made, and health was maintained.

Now on to 2016 ;).

The mission will still stay the same. There are added reasons outside of just making money that the fund has invested in each of these companies. Finding companies to invest in that match the outside of revenue reasons is something the fund feels is important.

The plan is to continue building the current holdings for KDK Fund. There are currently 5 holdings (Ford, AT&T, MFA Financial, First Financial Bancorp, and Powershares Build America Bond Fund) and the likelihood that this will increase for 2016 is small.

There is an expectation that dividends in the companies will be increased for 2016. The compounding effect of reinvesting dividends for free will have a larger impact in 2016.

The fund feels that price appreciation for the current holdings will be somewhere in the 5-10% levels. Ford, and First Financial Bancorp have the highest likelihood to move higher than 10% based on revenue projections and current price. Powershares Build America Bond Fund looks to be the current holding that will have the worst movement during 2016.

The big goal for 2016 is to grow the portfolio to a point where the fund is able to start selling call options on the currently owned stocks. This will provide an added revenue stream that should kick the wealth building to the next level.

Good luck to all in your investing activities.

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